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My interest in photography and videography began at a young age when I would volunteer to create videos for group projects in school. Being behind the camera and the screen always brought me such joy, to the point where I would create YouTube lyric videos for fun. As I got older I began to use my camera to capture moments of my personal life and discovered the magic that comes with preserving these memorable moments. 


I continued to carry my camera with me at college where I pursued Human Resources and Women Gender Studies, and at my post college workplace as a Project Coordinator in Inclusion and Diversity. Working in a corporate environment for a year led to me understanding that my true passion lies in the creative hobbies of my youth. My true passion lies in the ingenuity, reminiscence and insight associated with photography and videography.  


Since that discovery, I’ve dedicated my time to working on those creative pursuits by photographing different cultures, ways of living, and landscapes that I’ve experienced through my travels. I’ve had the privilege of being able to capture many special moments, such as weddings, live music shows, corporate events, virtual high school graduations, fundraisers, travels, and more. I work hard to capture memorable moments in time to allow others to relive and cherish them. 


Christine is dedicated to capturing special moments for any event. She is located in Dumont, NJ but can travel anywhere.

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